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Maurits Consultancy is a tax consultancy firm based in The Hague which prides itself on its flexibility and the quality of its contact with clients.

We are an enthusiastic team of experienced people. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, you will receive the best solution for your tax and financial matters.

You can contact us for various forms of tax advice, both nationally and internationally. We also take care of business administration and tax returns, and we have a lot of experience in advising expats. We have a network of contacts among other professionals, including attourneys, civil-law notaries, pension advisers, accountants and lawyers, that we can consult on specific issues. If you are interested, make an appointment with us. This is of course without any obligation.

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Maurits Consultancy employs professionals who all have their own specialisation or focus area. Our services include tax advice, tax returns, business administrations and expat services.

We can assist our clients with all kinds of matters. We are an independently operating consultancy firm, which is why we are frequently asked for a 'second opinion'. Thanks to our extensive network of specialists, we can also provide our customers with adequate advice when we do not have certain specialist knowledge in-house.

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What can you expect from Maurits Consultancy?