Tax advice

Everyone has to deal with taxes and the constant changes that characterise tax law. Anyone who strives for maximum results must closely monitor tax developments. We can make an important contribution to this.

For you as an entrepreneur
We can advise you on setting up your company, structuring your activities, loss settlement, balance sheet optimisation, company car, VAT, payroll tax, dividend policy, transfer of your company, business succession, 30% facility, asset structuring, communication with the tax authorities, for example in lodging an appeal.

For you as a private individual
We can advise private individuals on their primary residence, migration, allowances and subsidies, asset structuring, inheritance and gifts, and limiting the tax burden in income tax.

For you as an expat
Expats often run into specific tax problems. Examples are the 30% facility, the primary residence, box 3 in case of migration, the tax return for migrants (M form), and the application of international treaties and headquarters agreements with international organizations.